A Guide to Healthy Cat Food from Pet Food Direct
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A Guide to Healthy Cat Food from Pet Food Direct


Cats are true carnivores, they need meat in their diet. If you have ever looked at the ingredient list on most dry cat foods, particularly those sold in grocery stores, you may have noticed they do not contain a lot of meat.

Corn is not meat, corn gluten meal is a waste product, rice is not meat, and although some pet owners think that chicken by-products means meat, it does not. By-products are often everything (even feet and beaks) other than meat. By-products, corn and other grains, are nothing more than cheap filler. When a cat food contains a lot of filler the cat must eat more food to get its nutritional needs met, and as a result will have more feces too!

If you are concerned about your cat's diet you will want to find a good quality cat food, one that contains actual meat as a main ingredient and does not contain grain.

Note that while this article refers to dry cat foods specifically, but when buying canned cat food you mainly want to watch out for “chunks in gravy” as the gravy is not proper nutrition.

Some of the Best Dry Cat Foods Sold by Pet Food Direct are:

Orijen – An all natural top quality, grain free, cat food.

Evo – High protein, grain free, cat food.

Natural Balance – Excellent quality, grain free cat food, have a formula for cats with allergies.

Wellness – A great cat food, they also have a formula for indoor only cats.

Taste of the Wild – A top quality, grain free, cat food.

Points to Note when Shopping for Cat Food

Chemical preservatives BHT and BHA allow pet food to have a longer shelf life then the natural preservatives, but are linked to causing health problems in pets. They are lower priced than Vitamin E, tocopherol, which is a natural preservative often used in the all natural dry cat foods. Another preservative to watch out for is Ethoxyquin. Ethoxyquin is chemical pesticide also suspected for causing health problems in cats and is used to preserve the by-products.

If your cat has urinary tract problems you want to watch for a low magnesium content and should feed your cat some canned cat food at least twice a day with water added to make a soup as this will help keep the urinary tract system cleaner.

If you are considering switching your cat's food do so slowly, adding the new food gradually to the old. Changing to a new food too suddenly can cause upset stomach in your cat.

When your cat eats a diet that is more natural it should have fewer health problems, many of which tend to show up later in life.

Pet Food Direct has “Auto Ship” allowing you to arrange to have your cat's food shipped to you automatically so you never run out. Note that cats are not like people, once you find a good brand of dry cat food, such as those mentioned above, you should stay with it, and not switch brands for the sake of variety. You will also save 15% on most orders when you join the Auto Ship program.

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Cats also need healthy food since these are pets that also need care just like human. They also feel how much we love them. I have dogs and cats in the house and I assure that they are getting the right nutrition.

Thank you for this informative and useful article. Tweeted and shared to social networking sites.

very nice ,,, 4health dog food